Friday, January 13, 2012

Ornament - Rabbit

I have a description of the cat-ears so others. In their rabbit's feet as knit, only longer, but on the contrary, shorter tail, or even pompom.
Increase: one loop vyvyazyvaem two for front and rear walls.
Tog - two loops along the front.
Knit carcass: head + torso.
Kotik fit the bottom up.
We collect 12 loops (on 3s. For each spokes)
If someone does seem very complicated to begin with such a small number of loops, you can dial a 18 loops. That is, start with the third row. Then the hole is still delayed and not visible.
1st series: 12 front loops

2nd row: K1 loop, an increase (18 on)
Third series of 18 facial hinge.
4th row: 2 front, 1 increment (24p.)
5th row: 24 facial.
6th row: 3 facial, 1 increment (30p.)
7th row: 30 facial.
8th row: 4 face, gain (36p.)
9th row: 36 facial
I advise you to distribute the loop evenly to 9 loops on the needle to knit it easier. Do not forget to mark the beginning of how to do it when crocheting in a spiral.

10-25 series: facial.

Begin forming a neck. To do this, do dec.
On each face a spoke provyazyvaem together the first two and last two loops.
26th row: (28p.)
27y range 28 facial
28y range (20p.)
29y range 20 facial

Begin to gain a head
30th row: make allowances for 3, 8, 13 and 18th loops (that is, one loop provyazyvat two) (24p.)
31st row: 24 facial loop
32y series 3 facial, 1 increment (30p.)
33rd row: 30 facial
34y range: 4 Facial, 1 increment (36p.)
35th row: 36 facial
36-46 series: facial.

Getting diminish his head:
47y range and all subsequent provyazyvat for first 2 loops together, while on each there will be a spoke in a loop. Hook through the loops of thread drags and drag out the hole.
The skin is ready.

Paws 4 pcs.
We print on the spokes of 6s. and knit 15 rows and are closing the loop.

Through the bottom hole fills the carcass and drag out a thread.

In pass through the needle and thread is passed through the loop on the neck. Contractible, tying a knot and hide it from the tips inward.

On their feet dial collect at the edge of the thread, and sew contract the legs along.
Sew to the body.

Got this blank. In principle it is based on what you can do anything of the beast. Cat, rabbit, tiger, lion, bear. It all depends on your imagination.

The tail.
We collect 6 § knit rows 20 and facial. Sew both legs. Sew the tail to the body.

The ears.
Knit 2 squares. We collect six loops, and knit a few rows, depending on your yarn and knitting density. I got 7 rows.
The resulting square on the diagonal and add up the stitches. It turns out the triangle - the ear. Sew ears to the right place.

We make a muzzle.